larger torch portrait

This aspires to be the chronicle of an overly cerebral jeweler trying to get my brain to buckle down, shape up, stop wandering, and start helping my hands wrestle some jewelry out of the ideas and stuff that the universe throws my way.

If you’re curious about why this blog is called TETHER, see here.

I don’t have much of a formal resume, but you can read about my training here.

Or for a very rambling story of my life in jewelry, check out this photoset of my work in rough chronological order. Click on each photo for notes, or just view the whole thing as a slideshow.

fodder = my tumblelog; things which catch my eye on the web, a digital inspiration board

flickr = my photostream; chronicles of all sorts, my effforts to become a better photographer, project documentation, my knitting, various culinary delights, and views from my windows

an article in The College, an alumni magazine, which relates my undergraduate education to my current pursuits. (I am the second person profiles if you scroll down)

Kait Schott
handcrafted glass jewelry
Tilsner Artists Co-op
St. Paul, MN
Semi-Automatic Glass
Minneapolis, MN

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  1. wacollins

     /  January 15, 2010

    Hey Kait,

    I just discovered your blog via Ravelry. I’m really happy to see that you’re trying to wrangle your brain and move your art ahead. We still have to try to get a lunch together. Maybe in a couple of weeks?



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