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three leaf pendants


red trapeze earringsgreen open square pendantblue pinwheel pendant

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  1. hi kait! i’m so glad that you commented today, so i could visit your blog again,…i’ve just gone through many posts, gobbling up your entries…your work is beautiful!

    and this tree pendant above, just wow.

  2. Thanks! I really want to work more on that botanical series, maybe this summer it will happen. I have a few more pieces that I’ll add soon.

  3. your favorite sister :)

     /  August 21, 2007

    Kait –
    I LOVE the latest pictures of the new square colored beads on the black string – and the yellow one. How AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You never cease to amaze you.

  4. kait, i’m loving the shape and design of the red earrings! would they/are they available in sterling? and other glass colors? and how large are they? (i’m liking big hoop earrings lately…)

    thanks for your comments recently…sounds like you are getting inspired! 🙂


  5. tracy,
    sorry so belated in this reply….
    The wires for these are all sterling silver, and I have a variety of colors right now, mostly the two-tone ones that you can see at Flickr here

    They are generally 1″ x .75″ (2.75cm x 2cm).

    Like you, I’m trying to psych myself up to having an etsy shop. I’ll give you a heads up when that goes up if you are still interested in these. I’m definitely not done with this idea, so hopefully my efforts to get back on track will also result in some new variations on this in the coming year. Thanks for staying tuned!

  6. I read your blog and the processes are amazing! My favorite is the green open square pendant. I adore Jewelry and really love your work.


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