By the way….

I have always meant, from the beginning of this blog, to try to explain more fully why its called tether. Well, I think it’s finally crystallized with this One-a-Week project.

I had been feeling like all was not right with my jewelry work. I knew I needed change. But I was worried that change might mean ‘giving up’ on it. Which I didn’t want.

So I wanted something to keep me tied to my work, to keep me from wandering away. But not restrained, so much as limited and committed. In a fun way, like the ball at the end of a rope for tether ball.

Like a balloon on the end of a string. Sure, if you let go of the string, the balloon is completely free, but that’s only fun for about a minute and then it’s sad and you’ve lost something that made you happy.

With this One-a-Week project, it finally feels like me and this blog and my work, we’re that little kid with a balloon on a string, not letting go. And it’s been fun!

(Thanks, Annie!)

P.S. Those tulip petals up there? They may or may not end up as part of this week’s piece. That color! How could I resist? Hmmmm….

See here for this weeks challenge.

For more on the challenge, there’s a photoset at Flickr
and all the One-a-Week Six posts.

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  1. i feel you. i keep feeling like i’m on the verge of totally changing my work, but it never happens. i think these last coupke of weeks have shown me it’s ok to step outside of what “my work” is. i plan to keep working on challenges like these. maybe not every week, though. 🙂 i think they shake up my work and thought process. and the tether ball analogy makes so much sense now.

  2. I’m glad to hear that you’re going to keep working on challenges. I know that I need a break right now, but I could see doing a few of these at regular intervals to keep things fresh. I look forward to seeing what you do both this week and in the future!


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