Eight Things: Thing Two

KS 8T.002

I don’t have an art degree. In fact, I’ve had very little formal “artistic” training since junior high school. I have taken two workshops in lampworking, and am otherwise self-taught in glass. I went to technical school, and then worked for four and a half years as a goldsmith making someone else’s designs. During that four and a half years, I made basically two designs, over and over. No, really…two designs. Let’s just say that it taught be alot about myself and having a job.

When I dream about the idea of getting an art degree, I imagine something like this. That just seems like the coolest project ever.

P.S. Have you checked out my fodder lately? I’ve stumbled upon some amazing things lately. (You can always find a link in the sidebar, beneath the flickr widget)

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  1. …i just realized you started your 8 facts (shows you how much i read — i more attracted to photos on blogs…)

    love the speckled yarn from the previous post.
    (and i didn’t know you knitted…)


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