Playing catch up

So the piece for Replanting the Garden is done!  Carved, painted, packed, and shipped to the gallery.  The last month was very much a case of don’t-have-time-to-post-must-carve-every-free-minute-with-only-the-briefest-pause-to-take-some-photos-along-the-way. Whew!  But I did take photos along the way, so it is just a matter of getting them sorted and posted.  I’ve begun to get them all up on Flickr, starting from where we left off here.  I’ll keep posting them there, along with a few casual notes, and then try to do something of a summary back here.  It’s been quite an undertaking, but it was very satisfying, much was learned along the way.

For those who like to have the end in sight, here’s a little sneak peek at the finished piece:

If you prefer the quick, no text version of the story, you can watch a slideshow here.

project outline here.

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