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  1. The beginning of the work is always, always fascinating to see… thanks for sharing. These photos have me now longing to carve something… anything… something wooden… something that uses my hands.

    • Gracia-

      I highly recommend it. Subtracting, rather than adding or manipulating is a whole new world for me, one I find I like quite a lot. And the wood teaches, even when making simple shapes. Try it!

      thanks for stopping by- -Kait

  2. wacollins

     /  April 17, 2010

    Either the first or second year I worked at the Forum there was a truly amazing flood that came up all the way to Fourth Street. They had to evacuate the jail as well as everything as far up as the south side of 4th street, including city hall, the post office and the federal building. I think I heard that the basement at the Tilsner was really trashed.

    Our building (First National) was just about ready to put a plan in motion but the river crested in the middle of the street.


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