Carving out inspiration

So, you may have gathered that I have a wood carving project in the works.  A bit unprecedented?  Perhaps.  But ever since the One-A-Week project (can it really be two years ago already?!), I’ve been trying to be less glass-centric, i.e., only restrict myself to glass as a medium when it seems appropriate.  Lead with an idea, not a medium or technique, so-to-speak.  Which has been a bit of a challenge, since my past experience in shows and sales always led me to play up the glass, since that was what was unusual about my work.  But never having had a BFA or formal craft/design education experience, I never really had the chance to approach things more broadly.  Now that sales-driven shows have been set to the side for a while, it seems like the right time to play around more.

So, why wood?  Why carving?  Here’s a few clippings that have been floating around my workspace for a while…

Prada, Vogue, July 2006.

Prada, W Accessories, February 2008.

Stella McCartney, Elle Accessories Spring 2008.

And, lest you think that what I really want to do is give up jewelry to carve shoes (not that the idea of shoe making hasn’t distracted me for a millisecond or two, once or twice, o.k. maybe three times…)  Here’s some wooden jewelry (and other stuff) that has caught my eye:

Something’s hiding in there


Christine J. Brandt

You and Me, the Royal We

Yii designs

Ports 1961

Dorothea Pruhl

Peter Schuyff

Luzia Vogt

and yes, one more shoe example:  I really, really, really would like some of these.

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