Oh my, still too long between posts!  So much going on here, and yet also, so little.  We are busy hibernating (and recuperating)….

Ever since 2007, I’ve wrestled with a new perspective on resolutions.  I’ve wanted something different from a to-do list, or a collection of goals which are either a pass or a fail.  I’m sick of the “should’s”.  And yet, I want to initiate change.  Last year I did some thinking, gave myself credit for the year, and re-doubled my efforts. The 2008-9 resolutions were in large part about figuring out the conditions I need to create rather than having specific creative resolutions.  I worked on “the progression of  dissonance into consonance.”  And generally, it went very well.  Not all the resolutions were fulfilled to the letter, but I’m well settled in to my new day job, and ready to dedicate more creative energy to projects.

There’s always an inundation of such things this time of year, but I was struck by these very helpful points on making resolutions.

“Ask: ‘What would make me happier?‘”

Because isn’t that what it comes down to?  I’m unlikely to change something unless it makes me happier than I already am.  Period.

So I think I’m ready for more specific goals.  I’ll still review how I did on last years, and list unplanned accomplishments, but things are still moving slowly here, as you can see.  So let’s get the 2010 resolutions out there before January is suddenly over:

  1. Retain the good habits of the 2008-9 resolutions. (to be clarified in a future post)
  2. Do more art with other people.  Collaboration.  Teaching.  Shopping for materials.  Talking.  Making.  Anything.
  3. Apply to one new show/sale that I have never done before.
  4. Make things to sell for the holiday season.  Perhaps at a holiday sale or perhaps not.  But make some things with gifting and the holidays in mind.
  5. Work on four major projects.  (also to be clarified in a future post)
  6. Use my volunteer hours. I have 20 hours of paid time from my employer that I can use for volunteering.  I want to do something a little outside the box of my normal schedule.  Something with kids, making, gardening, science, art, anything!

How about you?  How do you feel about resolutions?  Did you make any this year?  Is there another way you like to initiate change in your life?

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  1. wacollins

     /  January 25, 2010

    My resolutions –

    1. Knit 1 pair of socks per month – I’m already 1 pair ahead and have CO’d #3!
    2. Knit one item from each of the pattern books I own
    3. Do more things just because it would amuse me to do so
    4. Do less of what doesn’t amuse me
    5. Spend more time with friends – this is actually a corollary to number 3

  1. Project 2010-1: Bosch’ Garden of Earthly Delights « tether

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