New projects marinating…

I often think that random curiosity (and a trip to the library) can be my downfall.  It is so hard to resist exciting new ideas which beckon, even while I’ve only just begun to explore the previous one.  I’ve no desire to rope in my wandering brain, but rather to figure out some miracle method of time management, so that each one gets its due.  Anyone have any helpful thoughts?

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  1. I subscribe to this lady’s blog and she recently had a video link/post about meandering and why it’s not such a bad thing. She mentioned this guy who advocates only working 150 days a year! (um, yes please! 🙂

  2. My favorite two words in this are “healthy procrastination”! Much good stuff here. I’m also working my way through The Now Habit which is giving me lots to think about too. You are totally my support elf lately!
    much thanks! xoxox


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