Inspired by Martha, I recently stepped outside my normal short list when perusing magazines recently.  Fortunate timing!  I’d glanced at Surface before, but never really picked it up and looked.  Well, it was the right time.  I’ve no idea if they have an ongoing commitment to covering jewelry, but this issue had several fantastically inspiring stories.


A nicely broad pictorial piece on American-made/designed avant garde jewelry.  Images by Akihiko Tagayasu. Jewelry by Phillip Lim, Jiro Kamata, And Erica Rosenfeld and more.


A four page spread of jewelry by Sergey Jivetin, hair by Ryoji Imaizumi (Shu Uemura), make-up by Nadine Luke (M.A.C), images by Walling & McGarity.


The non-jewelry related content was inspirational too.  You could dress me up in this any day, and I’d be more than willing to take a stab at being a “Cosmic Nomad”.  With the addition of some jewelry, of course.  Hooded jumpsuit/skirt by TSE, wool boots by Lacoste.  Image by Mark Gong.

Speaking of fashion magazines and jewelry, does anyone know if Elle Accessories still exists?  There was many a time when boots and shoes really dominated an issue, but when it actually covered jewelry, I loved it.  I know last year they went from two special issues a year to just one, but I haven’t seen any concrete evidence of a Fall 2009 issue yet.  It would be such a shame if Elle Accessories were killed by the current economic crisis in magazine publishing, just when fashion designers have started paying attention to jewelry again.

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  1. aminx

     /  November 24, 2009

    oh my my my…i have this same issue, and the TSE spread is incredible!!!!! i am looking for the lacoste boots and i have not been able to locate them anywhere on the web. if anyone has any leads please email me to there whereabouts…thanks in advance…….


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