Inspiration Strikes Again





A new season of Project Runway has finally started again, and Etsy Metal is hosting one-a-week jewelry challenges this time.  I can’t commit to the whole series right now, or to finishing in only one week, but I couldn’t resist episode 5: Fashion Headliners. The unconventional materials challenges are always my favorites, and this time the medium was newsprint.  Click on the pics for more notes at Flickr, or see the whole set here.  Stay tuned…..

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  1. Oh, I always love seeing what you do with this project!

  2. love it!!

  3. That was the project I lied the best so far on PR. It actually made me think a little about using paper in my own work, but I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon. I can’t wait to see the finished project.

    P.S. Your notebook is so neat and organized!

    • Sometimes I think my notebook is TOO neat and organized! 😀 Perhaps it’s easier for me to muck around and play in three dimensions….

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