getting back to the white room


I walk into a white room….

So begins Twyla Tharp in The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life.  For Tharp, a dancer and choreographer, the room is a practice room, but every artist has a white room. For the writer, it’s the blank page; for the painter, the empty canvas;  the musician, the instrument not yet played.  For many people, the not-yet-begun is the biggest hurdle, the idealized thing which can’t fall short as long as it is just in our heads.  For me the problem frequently seems to be there’s too much stuff piled outside the door of that white room.  That I’m not allowed to get in the room and play until all my junk is cleared away.  And do I have junk….head junk, time junk, physical junk, piles and piles of junk.

Must clear junk away.

For now, The Creative Habit is my trusty shovel.

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  1. The junk is there for everyone. You’d be surprised at the amount of time I “waste” each day just trying to climb over some obstacle. For me, the door is wide open. I can see the interior, imagine myself working there, but lack the energy to put away the clutter in order to take a step inside.

    Keep going. You’ll get there.

    • Oh, Lora, It means a lot to me that you pipe in with supportive words even when I’ve been quiet on the blog for so long! I can tell you must be a fabulous teacher. 🙂


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