Slowly….but gaining speed

eastereggs12concentratingsketches-and-copiesplaying-with-scale-earringcommunity-garden-plotTahkiDonegalTweedThings inch along, non-verbally for the most part.  But a sense of gaining speed.  Spring in full swing now, new growth, gaining momentum, rising sap and building change.  Solid progress on resolutions #1 & #4, steeling myself to tackle #5.

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  1. The shot of the eggs is fabulous. As are the eggs themselves. And all the sketches are so inspiring. I never sketch. I think I can’t draw. But these really show your ideas so well, that I may have to try my hand at it again. someday…

    • Y’know, I too went through a phase of thinking I didn’t draw very well. For a long time the main drawing I did was quick sketches in pen that were really just mental post-it notes. But when I put a little time into it, and got some nice pencils and paper, I found it really satisfying. I think it helped to start sketching from pictures of historical jewelry in books. That way I could just concentrate on the drawing separate from defining my ideas for my own pieces. Like everything, it improves with practice.


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