Resolving at last….again


I have always resisted the pressure to have New Years resolutions etched in stone before midnight on Jan 31st.  It used to be that there was just too much going on in December, but now, I must admit, I think it’s because I like to spend January plotting and planning and looking ahead.  Well, as it turns out, this year, it didn’t take much planning.  In thinking about last years resolutions, I realized that I never gave them a fair chance.  But they were good resolutions.  So…. I decided to just re-cycle them for this year.


Seems like either a cop out or asking to fail again, doesn’t it?  Well, it could be either.  But the thing is, they get at ways that I do want my life to change, although perhaps not always very precisely.  I think I didn’t work on them more deliberately because I’d either misstated what I really wanted, or I’d failed to realize that some other changes were necessary first.  And some of those necessary changes did happen.  So perhaps I’m not re-using last years, so much as re-stating and re-newing them.  So here they are:

1. Work on Reading List:

2008:  I didn’t read a single  book from the list.  Ouch!  But I did read a few other things.

2009:  Accept that my reading priorities change over time.  Keep updated list on goodreads.  Watch less t.v.  Read more.

2. Work on Books to Purchase List:

2008:  This list never even got published.  I got bummed out about not having more spending money.  But I did save up enough to invest in this fabulous and inspirational book!

2009:  Money is tight these days.  But books are important.  I still want this one from the Corning Museum of Glass. And this, too, which is at the top of my to-read list.  After that, we’ll see.

3. Work through The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp and blog about it when something interesting comes up:

2008:  This also got no time last year.  But it deserves it, so…

2009:  I’d like to try to post on this at least once a month, either an exercise that she suggests, or something I’ve already put into practice, or whatever.  I think this would help me buckle down and be productive.

4. “Coffee time” at least once (eventually twice) per week:

2008:  Again, I never even did the follow up post.  In a nutshell, it was about dedicating some alone time each week to reading, drawing, and planning. Realizing that I never had either the time or the mental energy to do this motivated me to make a change at work in August. Now I have more time and am less drained by the day job, but less money, so spending “quality” time in a coffee shop still doesn’t happen very often.  So….

2009: I realized that it can’t be about whether or not I’m sitting in that perfect, most comfortable corner of my favorite cafe, with the perfect latte, made by my preferred barrista.  I had a host of excuses for why I wasn’t dedicating the time and doing the work.  While certain routines and rituals may have worked really well in the past, I have to work with the circumstances at hand now.  And it’s the work and the dedication that’s important.  Not the old rituals.  I might have to find new rituals.

5. Open an Etsy shop:

2008:  Well, I did do some work on this, but it too, didn’t come to fruition.

2009:  Now that I’m settled in to the new job, and in a frame of mind to buckle down, I think this can happen.  Heaven knows, some extra income would be fantastic.


In many ways these are small things.  And there are larger changes I want to make.  But why make big resolutions, if I can’t even get the little ones together?  And sometimes small things make the big things easier.  So, hopefully, 2009 will be about buckling down, getting the mental space I need to make change, and focusing on doing instead of wishing.

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