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It seems like a lot of folks shy away from having resolutions, because it’s all too easy to dwell on the things we didn’t do, the things we didn’t accomplish, the ways in which we failed.  So, in the spirit of refusing to look at things in terms of failures, I want to acknowledge some things I did accomplish this past year.  Things that I never could’ve predicted.  The resolutions I’d have made if I’d had a crystal ball.  The gold stars for the fridge.

The One-a-Week Project:  The single most satisfying creative thing I’ve done this year.

Keeping in touch:  I’m doing a better job of staying in touch with folks.  Still need a lot of work on this, and some folks are still getting neglected, but I’m doing better.  I even joined Facebook.

lunch with Dad:  I’ve had lunch with my Dad once a month since my birthday last May.  This might not seem like much to some people, but for me it’s huge.  He’s been great at being supportive and helping me be more forward thinking.  Thanks Dad!

job change:  Though I still work for the same employer, I’ve moved to another department and cut back my hours.  The fewer hours is a mixed blessing, since it means less money, but I’m really trying to make the most of the free time I gained.  As for the switch of departments, lets just say that I went from a soul-crushing situation to one that challenges me without stressing me out.

cut down on input/stimulus:  This is also still something I’m working on, but progress was made.  I’m down to only 75 feeds I follow in bloglines, and I’m watching less t.v. when I’m just plain tired.  This one has been hard, because I’m curious and interested in many things, but as a continual goal to work on, well worth it.  I’m just better with less buzz in my head.

improved photography:  Through specific projects like the One-a-Week challenges and What I Wore Today, as well as just plain screwing around, I’ve gotten much more comfortable with my camera this year.  I’m much more able to produce photos I’m happy with that require little or no doctoring.

holidays/winter outlook:  Last holiday season was pretty hard for me.  It was the first year we were too broke for gift giving, and it really bummed me out.  This year, the economy being what it is, was about the same, but my perspective on it was better.  Because I didn’t expect myself to spend a bunch of money, it wasn’t so hard.  I’ve put real effort into enjoying the season and I think my efforts are paying off.  My x-mas tree (our only splurge) is even coming back to life!


next on the docket:  those resolutions (at last!) and a round up of what’s going on with One-a-Week.

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  1. What a wonderful topic for a post. We accomplish a lot through the changes that we make in our daily lives, even if they’re not things that we intended to change in the grand scheme of things. I really liked reading your reflections here.

  2. i enjoyed reading your list.
    …and i go back and forth with facebook; what are your thoughts on it??

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