Winter Blahs?

Does anyone need a creative kick in the pants? Alisa has started up the One-a-Week challenges again over at her blog. If anyone doesn’t remember the project, I have an overview/archive here. This series of challenges was definitely at the top of my Creative Accomplishments of 2009 list.  Which I’m still working on.  Along with a few other things.  I’m not sure if I will jump in on all these, but that’s what I thought last spring too, and I got totally sucked in,  so we’ll see.  I recommend it highly.  Details for this week here.

edit:  Laura, whom I ‘met’ through the project last Spring, is also thinking of jumping in.  Come to think of it, I think I first ‘met’ Alisa through this too.    Doing projects on the web is a great way to find like-minded creative talented people!

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  1. …yes, to winter blahs!
    (meaning, yes i have them, and i don’t like them!)
    but it’s making me get on the treadmill!!

  2. Hello dear Kate!

    I used the color palette tool over at fd’s flickr toys to make my color palettes!
    I have to tell you it’s rather addictive and dangerously inspiring 😉

    Have fun!!


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