Out with the old


In the spirit of starting as I mean to go on,  I have been:

Thinking about last years resolutions,

Thinking about this years resolutions and how to stick to them,

Trying to give myself credit for un-predicted accomplishments,

Thinking about the TOP TEN STUPID THINGS that keep me creating/ blogging/ getting things done,

And best of all working on a few projects!

Details of all of the above will follow.  You never know what will happen, but this feels like an auspicious new beginning.

Wishing everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

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  1. I don’t make resolutions. I barely think about goals. I don’t like to set my self up to feel failure and love the feeling of unexpected accomplishments. So I want to say Good Luck, but don’t want to add to any self imposed expectations. I hope 2009 brings you the best. How’s that? 😉

  2. As always, so wonderfully supportive! I’m trying to work on strategies which don’t rely on the old succeed/fail paradigm and which looks at how I get things done, rather than how anybody else thinks I should. As always, it will be an adventure!

  3. …happy ’09 to you too.
    i didn’t make any resoluions this year…i’m just trying to stay motivated & ‘DO’ !


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