Need a project? Lark Books


I’ve been following the calls for submissions at Lark Books on and off for a while, but haven’t ever actually submitted anything. This one reminds me of our One-a-Week challenges, only with more planning time and even less execution time. Might be a good thing to get some ideas flowing. January 26th deadline, click on the image for details.

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  1. I hope you submit something for this… maybe a spin-off of one of your one-a-weeks.

  2. S-
    Y’know that was my first thought. Then I started thinking about just how long it takes to actually DO things. It’s quite a challenge! But I’m still thinking about it. I figure at least I learned a few things about working within limits from the One-a-Week. What about you? Are you at least tempted?


  3. herrpojke

     /  November 11, 2008

    so. looks like i’ll be making a return to st. paul come january 1st. frogtown, as it were. and now you have my blog title. …complete with rss-abilities. [[how handy!]]


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