As you might have deduced, my energy for the WIWT project has flagged a bit. I missed a few days of taking photos and them I had a few days of really wanting to wear these again. And again. So I think that’s a sign that it’s time to focus on that series some more. So WIWT is on semi-hiatus for now. Which means I’ll finish posting the pics I already have at Flickr, and I’ll still take photos when I’m moved to wear something I haven’t shown you before. I fully expect WIWT to have a few more rounds in the future. But I’m going to try to define something new to focus my energy.

Here is one possibility:


Garth at Extreme Craft has a book project. I’m thinking that something related to my One-A-Week Project: Week Four might be an appropriate submission. Even if your plate is full right now, check out his blog. There’s always something fun and inspiring.

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  1. it sounds great!!! love the chalenges you get into..


  2. Cool. Thanks for the link. Looking forward to more of your WIWT posts whenever you’re ready…


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