WIWT: making progress

WIWT: 9/25/08, originally uploaded by kaitschott.

Recent lessons on taking photos

  • If I use a white background, I will have an easy accurate baseline for color correction.

Using natural light and shooting late in the day, some color correction seems necessary. I love our brick walls, but they can skew the overall coloration of the photos.

  • If I ‘focus’ on skin adjacent to the jewelry, then center the jewelry during the time delay to shutter release, I get better skin tones and more balanced lighting overall.

I think that, because my skin is so pale relative to most jewelry, to focus directly on the jewelry caused the camera to overcompensate in metering the light, which meant either the skin was over exposed or the jewelry was too dark and lacking in detail.

Having done both these things for about a week seems to have resulted in consistently better light balance. Progress made.

Other points gained:

  • Having run through wearing a bunch of the jewelry which is close at hand, I’ve begun digging out older pieces which I’d forgotten about or not worn in quite a while. I’m remembering all the ideas and techniques that perhaps I never really felt I’d worked through completely. Revived interest in many things.
  • I’m also feeling some pressure to finish new pieces so that I have something new to show. This is, perhaps, the most valuable thing about this project thus far. I may even make it into the hot shop during my ‘weekend’ this week. Stay tuned….

You can see each day here at Flickr. Click on each day’s photo for notes on the pieces or if you just want a quick overview, you can watch them as a slideshow here.

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