now it is fall….

Fall seems to have arrived, suddenly. It’s nice, not cold yet. I feel like it will be a good season, even better, perhaps, than other autumns. I feel like I’m moving, after being stuck for so long; a little room to breathe again.

I was so happy to see the shots of ports 1961 from fashion week at simplyolive. It is always great to see jewelry at fashions shows (it’s been a little scarce for a few years), but this was even better. It seemed to me that the jewelry was more than just something to fill a neckline or add a little bling at the wrist. I thought it was great jewelry in it’s own right, like there was artistic intent behind it, a nice balance between showcasing the materials and playing with traditional structures. And hats! There are fun kooky hats! You can see some great pieces by browsing around here. I like that the jewelry is an equal partner with the clothes. Exciting to see, indeed! And then I found out that The Cowboy Junkies played the show! There is just nothing that heralds the arrival of fall for me like The Cowboy Junkies. So Ports 1961 is totally my new fashion crush….

Here are some more recent crushes…

1. Custom earrings for Luz mother, 2. Dominika Naborowska, 3. Das ist der Mond über Soho, 1, 4. ., 5. ., 6. Patination experiments, 7. Untitled, 8. P8020459, 9. MW1X0114, 10. MB20129, 11. Yellow Shrooms, 12. Ring 105 progress no 5, 13. Untitled, 14. New ring. “Agujas de Tejo Tejedor”, 15. tr10362, 16. Untitled, 17. Plexi Hairpin (2008. IT) Hairpin 1.7, 18. IMGP7201, 19. Xmas Tree (LOC), 20. Untitled, 21. landofshoes, 22. ooak137, 23. ., 24. My first green beans, 25. Pastime, 26. Untitled, 27. Engagement´s frame, 28. last renaissance necklace, 29. KL10161EAR, 30. It had long ceased to be a competition for the many., 31. Ethnic Tribal Neckpiece, 32. Dotty faux wood necklace, 33. stone ring profiles, 34. you image.jpg, 35. Flor de Lotus, 36. cameo2 detail

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  1. …well, i got your email (which i will answer), and had to check your “ports” crush! it sounds like that show left quite an impression. (good to hear!) 🙂
    …and i notice my chain pic in your collection–thanks.


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