WIWT: why this project? why now?

WIWT: 8/30/08

  1. It gets me wearing jewelry. I find that, working a day job, when I am stressed and tired, it’s all too easy to skip putting any jewelry on in the wee hours when I drag myself off to work. Deliberately wearing jewelry makes me feel better about things.
  2. It gets me thinking about jewelry. I found that one of the unexpected benefits of the one-a-week project was that it gave me something to mull over during the day, on my commute, while doing tedious tasks. It focuses my daydreaming. It’s not a substitute for studio time, or good quality inspiration/research time, but it’s better than nothing. It helps me feel like I’m still in the game.
  3. It’s easy. The day job change is still new and I’m still pretty brain dead most evenings, but this level of project commitment, I can do.

The piece above is a perfect example of how I’m hoping this project will help me re-gain my momentum. I’d made these glass components about a year ago, but just lost steam. I wanted to show you some more recent work, so I finally put things together with the cord so I could wear it to work Saturday. Voila!!

So far I haven’t missed a day. You can see each day so far here at Flickr. Click on each day’s photo for notes on the pieces or if you just want a quick overview, you can watch them as a slideshow here.

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  1. wow, it’s really pretty

  2. (i commented on flickr about this…)

    i’m curious as to what your “day job” is?? 🙂

  3. I work at a natural foods co-op. I’ve done a variety of things from deli customer service to packaging bulk cheese. My new job is cooking, which I’m really liking. So choosing to wear jewelry right now is really a decision for ME, since it hardly even gets seen by my co-workers with a kitchen uniform and all. ( Although, come to think of it, I got several compliments on the earrings I wore today, which is always nice! 🙂 )


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