WIWT: skills to work on

WIWT: 8/21/08

There are two skills I want to work on with this project:

  1. Photographing jewelry while it’s being worn in such a way that the jewelry is emphasized, not the model. This will come in handy for getting the etsy shop up and running. An image of the item being worn helps to convey scale and it’s also nice to show how earrings or pendants hang.
  2. Brevity in my writing. I want to talk a little bit about the pieces as I wear them. And I’m sure I’ll be inspired to write about jewelry generally too, as things occur to me. But as an ongoing project which is centered on the images, there’s no need to be too wordy each day. And I could use the practice. Enough said.

Today and more at Flickr. Stay tuned…

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