A New Project: What I Wore Today

I’ve been thinking about this potential project for a while now. It’s inspired, in large part, by several co-workers who have really great collections of jewelry and the enjoyment that I have gotten over the years seeing what they wear every day, recognizing old favorites, knowing when they’ve got something new, or seeing something old that they recently dug out again. I realized that, for me, it was the same enjoyment I get from following someone’s flickr photostream or reading someone’s blog; an ongoing, ever-unfolding of their personality and their story.

I want to keep this project simple, without too many constraints and without deadlines or timelines. I’ll just take a photo of the everyday jewelry that I wear, on the day that I wear it. I may not post everyday, but the date the photo refers to will be documented when it is posted. If I don’t wear jewelry or if for any reason I don’t take a photo on that day, there simply won’t be anything; I won’t go back and ‘stage’ any photos of previously undocumented days. I don’t know how often I’ll end up doing this, or for how long. I decided that I just want to jump in and keep it loose and see what happens. I’ll post all the photos on Flickr along with notes about the pieces and where they came from or why I wore it that day. Perhaps I’ll post a periodic update or summary here along with more general thoughts about the project as it goes along. Stay tuned to see what happens….

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  1. Very cool idea. Very cool. I’ll be following…

  2. great idea!! you always so creative!! I would be terrible doing that..usually wear the same for some weeks and then change..sounds funny!! and we’ll see a lot of pieces!!

  3. I also frequently wear the same things for weeks and weeks, especially when I’m working on something new. But I’m thinking that this project will inspire me to wear more different things more often. We’ll see!


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