The tunic (with necklace idea #1)

I haven’t gotten a decent full length shot of me wearing the dress that’s good enough to post yet, but you can see a less cluttered shot of the neckline here.

My first idea was to do a simpler version of the OaW Four project with the playing card motifs.

But I realized that the components I made are REALLY very large. Despite the fact that the dress/tunic has a wide neckline, even this, one of the more delicate, modest sized components, seems very large. I think it’s just too distracting from the knotted detail. And it would be a shame to draw attention away from that.

So while those simpler card motifs are still compelling to me, I’m thinking that this is not the right context for them. So back to the drawing board.

Still a couple of ideas floating around. Stay tuned….

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  1. I like that you’re sticking to the self-imposed rules that came from reflection on the one-a-week challenges. And I’m anxious to see where this one goes. Thank goodness for two extra weeks.

  2. S-
    yes, two additional weeks seems like an eternity! We’ll see if it is conducive to self-discipline! 🙂

  3. Oooohhh I like that. It turns you into a dryad or nymph with the flowing green tunic and the that wonderful necklace.

  4. Thanks! Your comment makes me realize that this necklace motif looks like waves of water. Hmmmm…something to think about….:)

    Thanks for stopping by!



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