One-a-Week Six: watching the decay

One-a-Week Six: The Decay 6, originally uploaded by kaitschott.

Finished posting the photos of the decay of the Week Six piece over at Flickr.

Also, for the knitters, there’s an update on the latest progress of the saffron sweater for my honey. I’ve really got to finish it before it’s to hot to wear….:)

Trying to wrap up loose ends, but yahoo/flickr is just not cooperating very quickly today….

Other technical challenges: My camera battery needs to recharge before I can upload photos of the dress. Should still happen today, though, I hope…

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  1. Kait, thanks for posting all the decay pics – it’s fascinating to see which of the flowers held their shape and color and which ones just wilted and disappeared. Really a neat project – thanks for continuing to update!

  2. How is your piece holding up? Any new ideas for using more flowers in your work?

    btw, I was impressed to see your bike trailer for doing shows. If that’s not ‘walking (or biking 🙂 ) the walk’, I don’t know what is!
    Thanks for stopping by!


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