The New Plan

Thanks so much to everybody for the birthday wishes and for continuing to let me know your favorites from the One-a-Week projects. I feel like this old blog is finally beginning to hit it’s stride and I’m glad to have you all along for the ride! 🙂

Well, gosh…without a strict project schedule, my posting rate really drops off, doesn’t it?

So, to recap, what did I learn from the One-a-Week project?

  • a self-imposed deadline, when publicly announced, can be just as good a spur to me as one imposed from the outside
  • composing a blog post can help define an idea and move it forward
  • if I just think about an idea, I don’t have anything to ‘show’. All ‘tell’ and no ‘show’ doesn’t make for a very interesting post, so blogging helps get things out of my head and into a physical form
  • limits are really helpful in finding focus. Imagining someone else judging whether or not a piece addresses the challenge at hand makes it easier to make decisions and changes more quickly and deliberately
  • ideas can always be revisited, but it helps to have a well defined time-period to play around with them
  • a self-evaluation can help define what I need to work on if an idea merits further time. It can also bring closure to a project in order to move on to something else.

So let’s see…how about a new project/plan?

In the past few weeks, I’ve had about six or seven projects marinating in my head, and I think it’s time to prioritize and focus on them one at a time. I want to get these projects to be more refined than the One-a-Week pieces, most especially more wearable and saleable. So here’s how I want to try to achieve that:

  1. Each project will get three weeks of work, starting on a friday with a project announcement, and ending two fridays afterward with a finished piece. As with the One-a-Week project, wrap-up may spill over into the weekend, but the piece should be done and photographed, and the new project should be announced.
  2. There should be at least three posts each week, two concerning progress on the project, and one non-project related post. I hope that two project posts/week will keep me moving along at a pace that is sustainabIe long term and I have a small backlog of drafts and ideas on miscellaneous things that would be great to clear out a bit.
  3. At the end of three weeks, there should be a finished piece or project. It should be wearable (and saleable if appropriate) or complete whatever the particular requirements are decided upon at the beginning.

I am less decided on what the time frame should be for making multiples (when appropriate) and actually putting them up for sale. Clearly those are questions that still need answering. I think that it is unreasonable to think that I can work on one project while also making multiples of the previous project. I’m supposed to be working on focus here, after all. Perhaps multiples and posting for sale will end up being the in-between projects project. We’ll see. There is still an element of ‘flying by the seat of our pants’ to this, despite all my efforts to be disciplined. There always is….

So, the next project is….

To create a piece of jewelry to wear to my sister’s wedding which compliments the Liza Reitz tunic/dress. It’s an olive green cotton jersey version of the batwing tunic with knottted collar. You can also see it in her recent collection lookbook here. (Click on the lower right corners of the images to move through the collection. It’s all just beautiful!!) I’ll post some photos of my tunic and a few ideas that I’m starting with over the weekend. Lets call this project #7, since this feels like a continuation of the one-a-week’s, rather than a starting over. Looking ahead…

Project #8 will be to get an etsy store up and running. I have a small inventory of glass pieces from last year, as well as some lampworked beads (which may get their own shop), so there’s no reason not to get the shop(s) up and running so that new work can get posted as it gets made. Hopefully, like the blog posting plan, this will be a motivator to help me get things done.

Stay tuned….

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  1. sounds like a good plan.
    …love the dress!

    & those cloches! (but i’m guessing it might not look good on me…or fit in with my new wilderness lifestyle! ha)

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