We just can’t seem to get a sunny friday morning here…

In the works:

-nearly done with the sweater

-zeroing in on some projects

-mulling over all questions etsy

-final photos of the decay of the week six piece

-got a fabulous dress from liza rietz for my sister’s wedding, so

-I think my next project will be a necklace to wear for that

here’s some eye candy for you from Flickr:

1. ruth20, 2. polly wales, 3. necklace to be (well..finished), 4. COlorful Ocean Jasper SLab, 5. Pointing my feet in the direction of home., 6. #285, 7. Lilac flower cocktail ring, 8. Crystalline Silver, 9. Sea Plant, 10. Neckpieces in Progress, 11. #298, 12. Oh the stone, the stone…, 13. King Ferd. whispers to Prince Boris (LOC), 14. Sweden, 15. bracelet HERISSON, 16. Anell dendrites, 17. claude schmitz, 18. reef rings, 19. Foam´s sopa, 20. Metal Clay Chains, 21. StigWorks, 2, 22. garden party one, 23. svinka, 24. Door Handle 4, 25. karen gilbert2, 26. sayumi yokouchi, 27. DSC02580 copy, 28. color party gallery, 29. stephanie radenac, 30. constellation ring, 31. Rusty Hook, 32. small spin side, 33. My second Comme des Garçons zipper collar – making of pics, 34. Trashion dress made from ties and a secondhand corset, 35. Light Fixture 3, 36. scarf

-it’s my birthday, so today I’m going OUT for my morning coffee and hopefully something sweet. Then I think I’ll celebrate by getting some supplies for the necklace for the wedding. Hint: I think it’ll be related to week four….

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  1. First I have to say… I looove overcast mornings. I’d be jumping for joy myself.

    Second… Many Happy Returns of the Day Kait! Hope the sun comes out, the weekend is restful and filled with love and your b-day breakfast was yummy.

    Third… Thanks for including my chain in your Flickr eye candy! There’s a lot of great pics there. Plenty to occupy me for the whole weekend.

  2. Liza Rietz is a local favorite of mine. Looking forward to seeing the necklace that will compliment your new dress!

  3. happy birthday!!!

    and thanks for sharing the flickr stuff!

    love liza rietz work!! is she an independent designer there? i have never heard of her..

  4. happy birthday! post pics of the necklace and sweater. and are you joining us on etsy? i hope so…. 🙂

  5. happy belated b-day!
    love the flickr grouping…

  6. ps: love the liza rietz collection. (especially that gray hat…) which dress did you get??

  7. Thanks for the b-day wishes, everyone!
    More on the L. Reitz dress in upcoming posts….


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