One-a-Week: which was your favorite?

One-a-Week: which was your favorite?, originally uploaded by kaitschott.

1. Week One, 2. Week Two, 3. Week Three, 4. Week Four, 5. Week Five, 6. Week Six

I’m curious to know which week’s project was your favorite and why?

Links above will take you to each week’s photoset over at Flickr, if you need to refresh your memory. Or you can also use the links at the One-a-Week page, tabbed under the header.

Votes/comments can be left either here or on each week’s set page at Flickr.

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  1. This was really tough… so tricky to choose just the one as they all sit, all six, so comfortably together. Can I pick two? If so, the warm rose-copper tones of week three, and the crinkly and bendy organic form of week four. I like the mark making and indentations, the cut-out sections, and the use of negative space when worn on the body. With both, the possibilities are endlessly beautiful, and it is hard to pick just the one.
    take care, grache

  2. i think the surplus store one with the cards was my favorite. but i really really love week one. i stared at those photos forever on flickr not knowing what the heck they were made of. i really like their ambiguity.

  3. hard to decide..but mine will be week 2 and 5.

  4. Week 5, because I’m a sucker for Darwin, and the drawings are lovely. They appeal to my more scientific nature. Also, I think this was the most interesting challenge because it was so broad. I’m a little dissappointed that the one week challenge has stopped for now. I was hoping to join in once the semester was over! Maybe I’ll have to go back and play catch up!

  5. O.K. So the totals to date, both here and on the blog are as follows:

    Week One: 3
    Week Two: 3
    Week Three: 4
    Week Four: 6
    Week Five: 3
    Week Six: 0

    Which pretty much agrees with my thoughts on when I’d finally gotten into the swing of things, and when I was starting to burn out. Still, I’m impressed that there was still a diversity of opinions on favorites. Thanks everyone for your input!

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