One-a-Week Six: on the runway

One-a-Week Six: model close-up, originally uploaded by kaitschott.

Here’s how things look at 5pm friday. We’ll see what things look like tomorrow, how quickly time takes it’s toll etc.

This was a curious piece, process-wise. Time was spent not so much in the physical work of construction, but in contemplating how much or little to add and where. Time was spent pondering how to convey ‘necklace’ rather than ‘overblown corsage.’ How to do enough to create the desired effect, but not so much as to overwhelm the beauty of the flowers themselves. A rather contemplative challenge in the end.

I’m still adding notes over at Flickr. Check in tomorrow for an update on the condition of the piece at 24hours old, possibly more model pics, and sometime this weekend, the wrap-up.

For more on the challenge, see the photoset
or all the One-a-Week Six posts.

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  1. oooooh! i love it! nina and michael would be so happy with the color. 🙂 i really like the ones hanging down. i wonder if that lilly will bloom while the rest of them die…

  2. We’ll see….

    I’m thinking of taking photos for a few days, because I really don’t know what the relative lifespans of these various things are.

  3. Very nice interpretation of the challenge! I’d love to have that hanging around my neck. Must smell sumptuous. Am I missing the link to the other participants? I just discovered your site and would love to check out everyone’s take on the theme.

    Lora ~

  4. Annie of Imogene started the project and
    Alisa of deux oiseaux joined in recently and came up with this weeks challenge. As far as I know, it’s just been the three of us. Annie had a show this weekend, and Alisa’s been working on a monday to monday schedule, so hers isn’t complete yet. Thanks for stopping by!


  5. Wow – I swear I wasn’t reading your blog at all when I started toying around with this challenge idea – My interpretation isn’t finished, but you can see what I’ve started with here:

    I work with a lot of natural materials in my day-to-day pieces, after they’ve been dried and preserved, so I hope that you do post photos of “time passing” so we can see what your beautiful necklace morphs into. Great piece!

  6. Laura-
    Oh, I’m so excited to see someone else taking up this challenge, it’s a fun one! Can’t wait to see what you do….

    yes, I think I’m going to post some day-by-day ‘time passing’ photos, both here and at Flickr. I’ve been a little surprised already by what is still looking good and what is already a bit ratty. I’m curious as to how natural materials can be preserved, so I’ll head over to your blog to look around.

    Thanks for stopping by!



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