One-a-Week Five: family portrait

One-a-Week Five: family portrait, originally uploaded by kaitschott.

No doubt Darwin’s notes on his weed garden would have included measurements of the seedlings size.

Individual portraits of the figures over at Flickr. Model shots and wrap-up still on the way.
See here for this weeks challenge.

For more on the challenge, see the photoset or all the One-a-Week Five posts.

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  1. i really really love these! i was thinking of using shrink plastic for this challenge, too! i think darwin would love these. and i love clusters of brooches! very nice!

  2. Thank you! While I don’t have all the idiosyncrasies worked out, it is very satisfying to be able to turn a drawing directly (more or less) into a piece of jewelry. I recommend playing with it!

  3. are these going to be available for sale?!?

  4. perhaps!

    I had been thinking ahead to making a project of turning one or more of the one-a-week pieces into sale-able items. This week’s seems one of the more natural choices. What do you think? As individuals, or as a group, or both?



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