One-a-Week Five: the findings

One-a-Week Five: the findings, originally uploaded by kaitschott.

Liz guessed correctly. I chose the story on Charles Darwin and his work with plants.

Here’s where we were at at 4:07pm. Everybody’s hanging out, pretty much finished, letting the adhesive dry. Head over to Flickr to see the in between steps and more notes. Model shots and wrap-up tomorrow back here.

Week Six challenge will be announced Monday.

Stay tuned….

See here for this weeks challenge.

For more on the challenge, see the photoset or all the One-a-Week Five posts.

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  1. oh dear. i have nothing 😦
    i’m game for next (and final?) week, though.
    i can’t wait to see these flipped over!!

  2. Not even by Monday? It seems this wasn’t the most inspiring challenge. I even sort of re-used an idea I’d already mulled over (the details are up at Flickr). Energy has just sort of run out at this point. I too, am looking forward to a great finale next week though!


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