One-a-Week Five: thoughts and ambiguities

Well, I’m a bit late on weighing in on this challenge, hmmm? I think the return of the crud in my lungs last week paired with an exciting but intense challenge last week has just done a number on my energy level. Monday, tuesday and wednesday involved alot of extra sleep after work. I think that perhaps ten hours was achieved at one point. I find myself feeling like I’m back to week one, in that I have an idea, but perhaps little development in place as friday approaches. So I hope that the rest of my pull-it-together-under-pressure-skills stick with me for this challenge. We shall see…

As I compiled this list of people who might inspire a piece of jewelry from last Sundays NYT, I realized that this challenge is vague on a couple of points:

  1. Given the nature of the web, there are NYT stories online on Sunday which might have been originally published earlier in the week. Thus the pool of persons depicted online is different from those that would appear in the print version. If the story was available online Sunday, that’s good enough. I hope anyone considering this challenge would not worry about the details and just pick someone that is inspiring.
  2. In the challenge, I said “make a piece of jewelry with that person in mind.” It wasn’t clear whether it should be a piece which the person would wear themselves or simply a piece inspired by the person. I realized this when I began to think about possibilities and imagined some earrings which were inspired by a male personality who would be unlikely to wear them. Again, I think we should take the ambiguity as such and simply try to come up with the most compelling piece of jewelry possible, whether the individual would wear it or not.
  3. So, if we aren’t going to insist that the personality wear it themselves, what would the criteria for successful, good design be? This had me stumped for a bit. It was this point which presents the difficulty of this ‘client’ type of challenge. If we don’t have a volunteer guinea pig at our disposal, how would we get feedback about what to make and whether or not it is satisfactory? I think that all we can do is to ask ourselves, “If I handed someone last Sundays NYT and the piece of jewelry which I created, would they be able to successfully guess which person was the muse for this piece.” In this sense, I think that this isn’t really a client oriented challenge, but rather an ‘inspired by’ or ‘icon’ type challenge.

So who intrigued me from last Sunday’s NYT?:

So if anything, I think perhaps this challenge was too vague, perhaps too many possibilities, not enough restriction to guide one’s thoughts. So it goes sometimes. Got to ‘make it work!’ There’s always next week!

Stay tuned….

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  1. it was really ambiguous. that can be good or bad. i found it overwhelming. i still might do it. i have an idea. i kind of explained it on my blog. we’ll see if i can do it. 🙂 who did you pick? i saw that jeff koons thing too. mmm… i love his work!

  2. yeah, in retrospect, I’m not so happy with this challenge. Sometimes it’s better to have fewer choices! 🙂

    I hope you get something out of this week’s, even if it’s just the brainstorming. Y’know, a Jeff Koons inspired piece might be a little ‘lighter’ than the idea you talked about on your blog…just a thought.

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