One-a-Week Four: grey rush hour friday

One-a-Week Four: grey rush hour friday, originally uploaded by kaitschott.

Since I really have no idea if my ideas about how to create structural stability are going to work or not, this may be the last post before 5pm. There are more notes over at Flickr that you could catch up on in the meantime.

Since I’m still recovering from this upper respiratory thing, I will stop at 5. So I’ll at least post an image of where things are at then. Thank goodness I can’t actually get kicked off for not finishing. No disappointed looks from Tim or frowns from Nina, Michael, and Heidi. I have high hopes that I’m far enough along, but you never know….

I have already composed Week Five’s challenge, so that too will be posted at 5pm at the latest.

Annie’s back in and Alisa has started a blog. Because of my late posting of the challenge last week and Annie having a sale this weekend, they might be going with a monday to monday week. Stop over to their blogs and see….

Stay tuned….

See here for this weeks challenge.

For more on the challenge, see individual photos in this weeks photoset
or all the One-a-Week Four posts.

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  1. i’m going for monday to monday. i always work friday-sunday. mine will be posted by monday at 5pm. i;m still making it work. 🙂

  2. Fabulous! Can’t argue with Tim…”do what you have to do, just make it work 🙂

    I’m so glad you’re in! Can’t wait to see!


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