One-a-Week Five: The Challenge

I want to get this up even though I’m not finished documenting week four, in part because it involves getting something over the weekend.

Last week’s challenged was picked in a bit of a rush, so I headed back over to imdb to brush up on the PR challenges and try to find something different from what we’ve done so far. It seems to me that the challenges fall into a few different categories:

  1. limited choice of materials (grocery store, flower shop, Hershey’s store, Levi’s)
  2. random source of inspiration (photo walk, museum challenge)
  3. theme inspiration (envy, fashion icon, out of date trends)
  4. situational (swim wear into evening wear, jet-setter, red carpet)
  5. group challenges (lots of examples)
  6. for a specific client (model/bride, Sarah Hudson, my-scene Barbie, prom, WWE divas)

So we’ve done the first three types. The group challenges, I’m not sure how we could do those, but I’d love it if anyone had any ideas. So that leaves situational, which has me a bit stumped for now, and specific client. Since we don’t all have access to a person who can give us feedback, it has to be some sort of public or fictional person. So here goes…

  • go to this weeks NYTimes, either online or in print (You might need to register online, but it’s free)
  • pick a person which is specifically photographed or mentioned by name
  • make a piece of jewelry with that person in mind.

That’s it! Remember, the person can be fictional (don’t forget the book review section). The person does not have to be both photographed and named, just one or the other.

Beginning of the week I’ll post a few ideas of people that jumped out at me, which will be up for grabs if anyone wants to use them.

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