One-a-Week Four: playing with cards

One-a-Week Four: playing with cards, originally uploaded by kaitschott.

At Axman, I pretty much played the same material consideration questions in my head as during week one.  This time I was less concerned with durability and more interested in what was aesthetically appealing and what sort of structures and attachments were possible with the objects and materials available.

After deciding on the roll of magnetic stuff, I’d thought of doing another drawing-based piece, this time using historical jewelry as a jumping off point. I was thinking of a necklace that could be expanded or contracted through the addition or subtraction of pieces with magnets as the means of attachments.

But then I found these playing cards and I really like the engraved pattern on them. Having fifty two copies of this lovely amalgam of motifs made me think that it could be sort of a modular system, with only one or two components that could be arranged in a variety of ways.

So while I was laid up sick today (nasty respiratory thing came back. bleah.) I played with cards in between naps and cups of tea and soup.

For a close-up of the original cardback and a close-up of a necklace taking shape, visit Flickr.

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