One-a-Week Four: The Challenge

O.K. This week challenge is a little on the fly, but here it is:

Go to the local surplus, junk, or re-use store. If there isn’t one nearby, how about a dollar, consignment, or antique store. The idea is, someplace where you don’t really know what will be for sale on any given day.

Spend only $10, and make a piece of jewelry with it.

That’s it!

Any one in?

I’m going to go here. They actually have these fun t.v. ads which use the phrase: “late-night artistic bender”….It has been too long since I’ve been.

For more on the challenge, see individual photos in this weeks photoset
or my blog

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  1. hmmm… i think i’m in. i need something to shake up my routine. 🙂 and maybe i’ll actually use my blog. so is the deadline friday or next monday?

  2. We’re pretty free and easy with the rules… I’ve been setting myself a friday deadline for finishing the piece because I don’t work the day job that day. For me the weekend has sort of been time for wrapping up and posting. Ideally I would’ve had this weeks challenge posted on friday too, but I just got bogged down in finishing posting week three.

    So I think you should just pick the day that is most workable for you and commit to it. My self-imposed ready-for-the-runway deadline is friday at 5pm. Do what works for you. So glad you’re thinking of joining. The more the merrier!

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