One-a-Week Three: model shots

Model shots are up over at Flickr.

Things I’ve learned about taking self-portraits:

If you prop a mirror in a window, put the camera on a tripod facing away from the window, sit facing the window, mirror, and camera, have a timed shutter release, for 10 sec or so….

you can:

get natural light, see the camera controls and view screen in the mirror, control the camera from where you sit (with a little practice), see how the shot will turn out, and reduce the number of shots in which you’re making a funny face or the jewelry, your clothes, or hair are doing something weird without your knowing it.

Bonus Tips:

  1. If one’s complexion is not all one might wish today the Photoshop magic eraser is your friend.
  2. Putting a plant behind you can hide a messy house.

Wrap-up still to follow….

For more on the challenge, see individual photos in this weeks photoset

or all the One-a-Week Three posts here.

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  1. love the self portrait tips!!
    (i’m always trying to hide the messy apartment… that’s why close-ups are my friend!)

  2. …close ups of my knitting, that is!

  3. yeah, I’d never get any photos taken if I had to clean the apt first! 🙂


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