One-a-Week-Three: ahead of my game

Using a lightbox to get the drawing to size, fill up all the available space, and to tweak the details.

Well, I’m already doing better on my goal of spending more time earlier in the week, so I can tweak the design more. No Plan B, no being distracted by another idea that I’ll try ‘if I get time.’ I think I’m over those delusions, but maybe I just lucked out this week. 😀

After coming home from work last night, late, at least 10pm, I futzed with the drawings some more, mounted them on the copper, and started sawing them out. About 12:45, I was too tired and hit the sack. I can’t remember the last time I worked on something after work, I’m usually too tired after 9 hours plus the commute. I don’t know if it was a particularly innocuous day at work or just being excited about the challenge. Either way it was great to defy my usual routine.

I don’t want to be over-confident and commit to a lot of posting over at Flickr, but there will be some throughout the day, as well as a brief update or two here.

Stay tuned….

For more on this week’s challenge, see individual photos in this weeks photoset
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