One-a-Week Three: sketch 2

One-a-Week Three: sketch 2, originally uploaded by kaitschott.

See notes at Flickr here and here.

The simple story is that once I’d worked the series of circles into the paisley shape, the idea of Victorian mourning jewelry sort of popped back into my head. I think it was there from thinking about how to convey ‘decay.’ I found some lovely examples on the web here, here, and here.

If I had a lot more time, I’d like to work the paisley shapes with contours and details like this:

and this:

(both images from here)

But given the time, skills, and materials available, I’m going to go with: two pins made of pierced copper shapes, using liver of sulphur and colored pencils for coloration, possibly with some chain as an element.

Stay tuned….

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