One-a-Week Three: Brainstorming

So here’s a compendium of ideas that flitted through my head following the last post’s questions:
–If I want to work figuratively what are some images or themes that I can reference?
  • grow: seed, seedling, embryo, moss, chick, crystals
  • decay: mushroom, fungus, lichen, vulture, raven, atoms,
–If I want to work abstractly, what elements can I use to convey the idea? In the abstract, the two words are sort of mirror images of each other; i.e., the same change over time but in a different direction.
  • things changing in size: a shape, say a circle, arranged from small to large, either sequentially or concentrically, read one direction, they grow, the other, the shape decays.
  • things changing in form: again, a series of forms, one evolving from the next either read in a line or laid on top of one another in layers.
  • arrows as conveying direction to read the change
As I write those out, I don’t think they make much sense, but my next post will include some sketches which might illuminate my thinking better.
–The idea of using a series to convey change over time could also apply to any of the more figurative ideas; i.e., a series of images from embryo to chick to hen, seed to seedling to plant, etc.
–Somehow using moving parts to show change would be wonderful: perhaps hinged book pages or some sort of shape which telescopes out and collapses back, or some sort of pop-up book mechanism. Wonderful, but complicated, beyond my capabilities in a single week.
–What materials might convey the words?
  • grow: glass, enamel, plastic, resin: in different colors each of these could evoke either plants or an embryo; animal skin or fur, actual moss, actual seeds
  • decay: rust, any patina, deteriorating wood, actual lichen or fungus
–How might color be used to convey the words?
  • grow: green, a translucent sort of flesh tone; any gradation of color from a pale to a more intense, vibrant hue
  • decay: black, gray, brown/rust; any gradation of color from a vibrant hue to black, gray or brown
–What sort of surface or finish might be appropriate for each word?
  • grow: either smooth/wet, like a succulent plant, or soft/fuzzy like a small animal
  • decay: any sort of oxidized patina/rust, something dry/flaky/powdery like spores
–If the bonus challenge is being undertaken; two pieces, using both words, how might those pieces be made to work together as a set?
  • using one organism, show each process in the two pieces; i.e., from seed to seedling in one piece, the plant undergoing decay in the other
  • a pair of earrings, one depicting ‘grow’, the other ‘decay’
  • a set of pins, which could be worn together or separately
  • a single pendant, ‘grow’ on one side, ‘decay’ on the other (strictly speaking, the bonus challenge was worded as ‘create two pieces’ but I know there were instances on PR of a designer fudging on the details of the challenge, but wowing the judges with their work and thus, getting away with a little rebellion! :D)
  • some sort of packaging or display might be created to hold the pieces together; a customized boxed set
Despite the sprawling nature of this post, I have made most of the decisions and thus, am ready to work out the details of execution. Sketches to follow….

For more on the challenge, see this weeks photoset
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  1. floatingink

     /  July 7, 2008

    Wow–remarkable how similar our ideas are this week, though you’ve made better sense of them than I have. I love the way you’re sorting all this out . . .


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