One-a-Week Two: Wrap-up

For the full play by play, there are more complete notes over at Flickr in the Week Two photoset. Click on thumbnails below, or if you just want the overview check out the slideshow.

In summation:

Photos taken: 96

Materials used:

  • paper
  • shrink plastic
  • inkjet ink
  • matte fixative
  • waxed linen
  • sterling silver jumpring/hook & eye clasp
  • silk cord

Tools used:

  • digital camera
  • computer/Photoshop/printer
  • sketchbook/pencils/eraser
  • embroidery scissors
  • oven/sheet pan/oven mitt/parchment paper
  • steel bench block

Why not just scan the photo, instead of taking all the time to do the drawing?:

Well, there are some notes here and here. But mostly, because photography is primarily a tool for me right now. I’m not practiced enough to feel like I can be creative with it. Whereas with drawing, I’m hoping to convey something of the action and process. What happens in the brain as your eye follows along the lines and details of an object with enough attention to render it on the paper. A visual meditation. Am I actually getting that idea across? Who knows. But I’m really enjoying the process.

What about Plan B?: Well, yet again I had a second idea that just wasn’t happening. I need to either start the physical work or commit to one idea earlier in the week. I want to be able to refine the final piece more. There will always be ideas that don’t get tried today.

Things I did poorly:

  • unreasonable expectations of how much time the final steps would take
  • no clue as to how much time drawing something really takes
  • ended up with only two hours to produce final product
  • went one hour over deadline
  • bail and cord were not naturally integrated into the pendant

Things I think I did well:

  • took a lot of photos
  • generated more jewelry ideas from photos than I expected to while I was on the walk
  • didn’t agonize too much over sorting out the final photo
  • buckled down to focus on the final idea with twice as much time remaining as last week
  • predicted well how material would work for the idea
  • embraced simplicity
  • accepted that there wasn’t enough time to attach the cord differently
  • used materials and tools that were already on hand
  • tried an idea that had been rolling around in my head for a while
  • got inspired about a lot of other possibilities

Evaluation of final piece:

  • wearable?: yes, better than I’d expected
  • durable?: yes, reasonably so
  • visual appeal?: I’m pretty happy with it. I’d have liked more time for details, both drawn and cut out.
  • concept? It came together as I intended. Whether or not the drawing aspect comes across or not, I don’t know.
  • use of inspirational photo?: yes, though perhaps almost too literally

Is anyone else tempted to join in for next week’s challenge?

Stay tuned….details to follow.

For more on the challenge, see this weeks photoset
or all the One-a-Week Two posts here

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  1. i love this!

  2. Thanks! It really is a lot of fun!

  3. Brilliant!
    Thanks for posting the whole process as pictures. I wish more people would do this. I try to as I’m always interested in exchanging technical ideas.

  4. dauvit-

    I was so excited to come upon your sketches and work on Flickr, and I’m still working my way through the bunch! I love process and while this project is more about design than technique, I’m hoping that it will help me to document technical stuff better too. Maybe we need some sort of Flickr group to promote this sort of step-by-step documentation….


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