One-a-Week Three: The Challenge

Annie asked me if I’d like to come up with the challenge for this week, so here goes:

In season 1, episode two, the designers had to create a cotton dress that expressed the idea of ‘envy.” Since we’re in the blogosphere here, we’re wrestling with words as well as images here, so this seemed like a good type of challenge for us. I’d thought about replacing ‘envy’ with one of the other Seven Deadly Sins, you know, ‘lust’ or ‘greed,’ perhaps. But those seem a bit negative, and since it still keeps snowing here, I need something a little more uplifting. So here it is:

Make a piece of jewelry (or any other creative item) which expresses the idea of either ‘growth’ or ‘decay’ (for those less daunted by the ‘negative’).

You know those PR episodes where they give the designers one challenge, and then halfway through their allotted time, they spring an additional requirement on them, usually a second, related garment?

In that spirit, but making it completely optional and without the element of a last-minute surprise….Here’s a BONUS CHALLENGE:

Make two pieces which would be worn, sold or packaged together as a set, one of which expresses ‘growth’ and one of which expresses ‘decay.’

O.K., that’s it! I’ll probably post early in the week with a brainstorming session, in the hopes that I can a) narrow down my focus a little earlier this week, and b) perhaps prod some new folks to join in.

Is anyone thinking about taking on the challenge?

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  1. oh my god.
    i am freaking out.
    i LOVE this challenge! i’m off to brainstorm on this rainy saturday night. thanks so much kait for a wonderful, thoughtful challenge!

  2. I keep getting all hyped up on adrenaline when I’m working on these projects, crazy energized! I’m glad I’m not alone!

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