One-a-Week Two: The final culling

Here’s the final six, Photoshopped a bit to help me think. Each individual image has notes on the final weeding out to start making a pendant.

1. tree slhouette 1, 2. tree silhouette 2, 3. tree silhouette 3, 4. branch silhouette, 5. treeline, 6. wood pattern

I’d meant to get away from the computer sooner, but documenting the notes on the photos at Flickr helped me to narrow my focus down to one photo from which to make a pendant. This is such a hard thing for me, setting aside ideas that I really like. Need to work on documenting those ideas so that the ‘maybe/later’ doesn’t take up so much space in my brain. Also, then maybe I can see it as a resource, rather than a burden of ‘might-have-been’s.

O.k. I’m going to try to stay away from the computer until 2 or 3pm. I’ll post the final piece in some fashion at 3pm at the latest. Then I’ll go back and fill in the play-by-play at Flickr afterward. Final wrap-up/debrief will come tomorrow.

P.S. For the full “being there” experience, I’m listening to Czina’s station here.

See this weeks photoset or all the One-a-Week Two posts for more details.

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