One-a-Week Two: Mother Nature is not co-operating

When Annie announced this week’s One-a-week challenge, I was psyched and ready to go.

Saturday, it was beautiful outside, but we just chilled out, having every intention of walking down to the Hollow the next day. We’d get some exercise, enjoy the weather, and take some photos. I’d be well ahead of the game, with time to mull over my photos, choose one, and think about how I wanted to execute the pendant.

Then, come Friday I could spend all day creating and documenting in leisure, and I’d be done, easy peas-y. It was a great plan….

Well, Sunday it rained.

Monday, it SNOWED, then rained.

Today, it was still grey and I had stuff to do after work.

This is why it’s so hard to get creative things done with a full time job. Little things interfere, like needing to do laundry, and dishes, and running to the bank, and cooking dinner. Pesky little things, like the WEATHER not cooperating when you need it to!

So plan B: If it is actually nice tomorrow when I get home, I’ll head to Swede Hollow. If not, I will just take the long way home and try to get some shots in Downtown and along the river. So we may have trees and the creek or we may have architectural details and barges. It’s still up in the air. I am trying to remind myself that rolling with the punches and being under tight time constraints are part (or a lot!) of the game in this. So I’m rolling with it….

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