One-a-Week: They’re wearable!

One-a-Week: front view, originally uploaded by kaitschott.

At least long enough to make it down the runway.

Wrap-up still to follow….

See photo set at Flickr for more modeled views.

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  1. congratulations!! these are wonderful! i especially love the use of toothpicks. can’t wait to hear about your experience. may i post an image of your earrings on my blog?
    p.s. would you like to pick the challenge for the the week of april 13?

  2. Thanks so much! I’d be honored if you want to post anything on your blog. I think I can come up with a challenge for the 13th. Did you ever find a complete list of the PR challenges? If not, I’m sure the web will provide… This is just TOO much fun!

    newly inspired,

  3. i can’t believe you made these with grocery store items!!
    this sounds like it has revved up your creative thinking!

    (project runway is 1 of my favs…)

  4. hi kait!
    here is a list of the challenges:


  5. annie,
    Of course imbd has it! Thanks!

    Me too! I really don’t watch any other ‘reality’ t.v., but I LOVE watching the drama of the creative process on PR.


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