Out of breath…

Not having a working camera just really knocked the blogging energy right out of me. That and a nasty upper respiratory ailment. No energy, heavy breathing just going up stairs. And now it’s snowing, again….

snow on march 31st

I’m thinking this one-a-week Project Runway style challenge over at Imogene may be a good way to try to jump-start getting back into things. If I don’t manage to pull it together, I’ve got some older work that’s related that I’ve been meaning to share.

Some great links for folks interested in jewelry, here and here. Both jenny and fly are continual sources of inspiration and beautiful things.

The other cause for delay has been the constant tension between an idea of a well ordered set of blog posts that I plan ahead of time and the actual fact of what does or doesn’t inspire me on any given day. For instance, the grand plan of writing more about my resolutions (yes, I know it’s march april) has been derailed by something more exciting. I thought I really needed to share my list of books I’d like to purchase this year and why before I shared the first acquisition with you. But I’m giving in, or will soon. It’s too good to wait. Here’s a clue: Calder Jewelry Calder at work

I just don’t think I could be more excited about this book. It so surpassed what I had been hoping for. How often does that happen?! As soon as I can wrangle my gushing into a more helpful, coherent review I’ll post it here….

click for larger.

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  1. hi kait,
    thanks for your kind words regarding my sweater, and my new situation! (i basically had a meltdown at work, and this was my only solution. i think it is a wise choice for me, and am really looking forward to it!)
    i’ll be up in snow country too! 🙂


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