Resolution #1: Reading List 07/08

Last march I made a list of books I wanted to finish before the end of the year. So, how did I do?

pile of books 07

So onto 2008:

Fiction: There is other fiction I want to read for pure, undirected enjoyment, but these are deliberate, “feeding the creative well” picks:


So I didn’t finish last year’s list, and yet, this year’s is longer? Well, for one thing, I accept that this is just a prioritized on-going list. I could make the list shorter, but I do want to increase the amount of reading I get done this year. I’ve realized that reading is really important to my feeling creatively inspired. Sometimes the books that inspire me are clearly related to a current project and sometimes they just intrigue me. Either way, reading helps me feel less stressed and more energized. And deliberate reading is a prominent feature of that “coffee time” mentioned in Resolution #4. So I’m hoping that the resolutions will work synergistic-ally, as it were….

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  1. Eye of the Lynx sounds fabulous. So glad you posted your list. Here’s to lots of quality reading time.

  2. Mary Chapel

     /  October 29, 2008

    this is a great website. thank you for doing this. i was looking for some good books to read because i had finished all of the ones i already onwed and i think i have to go to the bookstore ,now and get some of these recommended books! thanks again,
    Mary Chapel


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