Resolution: the progression of dissonance into consonance

The path ahead

Well, I think I’ve put off defining my resolutions for 2008 long enough! Looking at last year‘s, I realized that I didn’t actually make resolutions. But even so, all that rambling did portend the year ahead. In 2007 I figured out that I wanted some things to be different. Eventually I even gave myself the space and time to figure out how that might happen. I’m still working on it, but I think that there’s the beginnings of a new path.

When I was rambling about resolutions earlier, Susan pointed me toward someone else’s resolutions, and I was immediately struck by how short and concrete their list was. It was this big epiphany for me. Resolutions don’t have to encompass the whole Plan as it currently stands. I’d sort of been confusing working on the strategy with picking specific goals. I guess my meta-resolution is always to have a good strategy. But that’s too big to be a yearly resolution. Yearly resolutions should be specific, concrete goals and there should not be too many of them. So here goes:

  1. Work on Reading List (upcoming post of it’s own)
  2. Work on Books to Purchase List (upcoming post #2)
  3. Work through Creative Habits by Twyla Tharp and blog about it when something interesting comes up
  4. “Coffee time” at least once (eventually twice) per week (upcoming post #3)
  5. Open an Etsy shop (self explanatory, I think)

Hmmm….are these concrete enough? That verb “work on” seems a little nebulous….Those last two are pretty concise though. Stay tuned for the elaborations….

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  1. I’m glad the earlier comment helped, and I’m glad to see such a concise list here. Those resolutions lists that drone on forever are too overwhelming, and those that lay out the entire plan are too much of a road map. Your list lays the foundations for making some positive general changes. Looking forward to seeing where this takes you this year.
    Lovely photo, by the way.

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