it’s been cold

it’s been cold, originally uploaded by kaitschott.
It has been so cold that we are definitely in the part of year when it’s hard to do anything besides go to work and get home and concentrate on staying warm and eating and surviving….
But me and my honey have been doing pretty well at making the best of it, getting out to do errands, cooking good food (he gets the credit for that), shopping for magazines and paperbacks, curling up with coffee, listening to podcasts…I think they call this cocooning.
During a real winter in Minnesota, it is usually either endless grey and not so cold, or sunny and bitter cold. For the record, “not so cold” means double digits above zero, while “bitter cold” means below zero wind chills. And this has been the first real winter we’ve had in a few years. So last weekend, we took advantage of the good side of the bitter cold and went to the St. Paul Conservatory to enjoy the sun from indoors.
I love the Conservatory year ’round, but in winter it’s a miracle. Undoubtedly rejuvenating. Click on the photo above for a slide-show of our trip.
Side note: Those bromeliads? They’re going to pop up in my jewelry work one of these days….


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  1. hi kait…
    glad you like my fashion coverage.
    …if i could only find a way to get paid for it and quit my day job!! 🙂

  2. kait! i’m so glad that you stopped by my blog so that i could come by and see what you are up to – our comment was so insightful too… you are one smart lady, do you know that? 🙂

    and whoa! it looks COLD in minnesota! sheesh! and here i was complaining that my feet were cold… hehe. it’s “warm” here compared to where you are.

  3. As we say here, “it’s not so bad, you just have to dress for it!” 😀

    I’ve decided that the key to warm toes is thigh-high socks and alpaca ankle/leg-warmers! And it is a good excuse to knit!


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